Marine Spares Bangladesh

Marine Spares bd is a sister concern of Power Tech bd ( which are proudly located in Bangladesh. The company was founded in 2003 and continues to experience rapid growth. Marine Spares BD is dealing in surplus industrial and marine equipments. It holds a good stock of control & industrial equipments mainly from Ship breaking yard in Chittagong. Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard is located in the Faujdarhat, Bangladesh along the 18 kilometres (11 mi) Sitakunda coastal strip, 20 kilometres (12 mi) north-west of Chittagong. It is the world's largest ship-breaking industry, employs over 200,000 Bangladeshis and accounts for half of all the steel in Bangladesh.

Over the past decade India recycled more ships, but being even a much smaller country Bangladesh led in deadweight tonnage, meaning the biggest vessels generally ended up on its beaches. As the leader in the ship-recycling sector Bangladesh gets abundant amount of used but high tech ship based tools. Due to it’s lack of high tech skills most of these tools weren’t properly identified and generally would go to absolute waste. We and few other companies like us has taken up the role to use their skilled man power and high tech resources to shorten this gap. In Marine spares bd we accumulate, sort, refurbish, test and sale sophisticated control and industrial equipment. Generally ship based items are made higher quality than regular items due to extreme nature at sea. So after recycling these parts are cost effective and long-lasting for marine engineering, repairing, spare replacement or building. We have recycled and exported equipments to 40 different countries worldwide including USA, Germany, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, UAE just to name a few. Wherever you are in the world we can ship the item you need to your doorstep.

We were working in the Industrial and high-tech sector long before coming into the ship-recycling industry. We worked on Electrical Power Generation and Industrial Control for the last two decades with several local & multinational companies. Our company has carried out Installation and Commissioning of Steam and Gas Turbine generators locally. Now we are working to enhance our business in the field of Renewable energy. Hence over the years we developed our skills to explore the high tech engineering sectors and know our equipments better. We believe we have the expertise to properly sort and evaluate ship based equipments like no other. Consecutively it is no wonder that companies and people all over the world have build a trust on us already. We also sell items via different online agents and websites worldwide. And for a search of “Marine spares Bangladesh” our website comes among top in Google search results due to popularity.

There are various tools which are of interest to like Turbines, Generators, Compressors, Oil Separator, Engine Parts, Automation and Control tools, Hydraulic Items, Navigation equipments, Fire fighting equipments, Gas detectors etc. They comes of higher quality and at a cheap price. However there are issues with poverty and safety as Bangladesh is a third world country. There are organizations working to alleviate this problem. Bangladesh Ship Breakers Association (BSBA) is an organization established for the welfare of ship recycling activities in Bangladesh. It safeguards the rights of its members and ensures and environment friendly ship recycling activities helps the industry to grow, develop and make Bangladesh as number one ship recycling nation in the world which we are since 2003. The president of the association along with its member are leading the industry to reestablish itself with improved infrastructure, better working standard and safety standards. The industry is committed to continual improvement in occupational safety, Health, environmental standards, monitoring & control process. The industry is vibrant and with the help of all stakeholders will come with a new look in coming years.

At Marine Spares bd our goal is to make mutual benefit through better satisfaction and cooperation. The work we do at marine spares bd may seem trivial but by recycling products for a greener world we surely contribute to the world ecosystem and to make a better world for all of us. For any queries please contact with us. We look forward to hear from you.