BSKY BWMS Ballast Water Management System UV40G US25 WUXI Brightsky

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  • BSKY BWMS Ballast Water Management System 
  • Model: CY-10

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  • Used, working and fresh as pictured. Please contact for more information.

WUXI BRIGHTSKY has developed a modular ballast water management system (BSKY™  BWMS) that operates in line during the uptake of ballast water and again at discharge (de ballasting ). The major disinfection principle is through UV radiation without any chemical addition. The BSKY™ BWMS is the most suitable and appropriate Ballast Water Management System for ships with ballast flow rates from 100m3/ hr up to 6,000m3/ hr and even more and will perform to maximum effectiveness. This reliable system is highly flexible, due to its modular and compact design. BSKY™ BWMS is possible to change the system appearance in accordance with installation space and requirement of user. So, BSKY™ BWMS design is well suited for all size and types of retrofit as well as in new build applications. The BSKY™ BWMS is composed of pre treatment and post treatment modules to disinfect aquatic species in the ballast water . The treatment system comprises Hydrocyclone filtration in combination with ultrasonic (US) oscillation for filter self cleaning , and ultraviolet radiation also in combination with ultrasonic for self cleaning of UV lamps . Due to the highly efficient combination of US oscillation and UV radiation the BSKY™ BWMS technology can abstain from any reparations or chemical additives, which may pose a hazard to the population and/or to the environment.


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